I got a new (old) bag and other goodies!

  1. I LOVE this bag! My husband and kids said it was ugly! But, really, what do they know?
    I don't care, I feel too cool with it. I also hit the Orlando outlet yesterday and got these 2 scarves and little keychain (which is 3-D)...too cute!:cutesy:

  2. Congrats on the bag. I can barely see it though. I was in a hotel right behind the Orlando outlet a few weeks ago, but my family wouldn't let me go. :crybaby:
  3. cute bag! what do DH's and kids know? haha enjoy
  4. ooh I love that bag too!! what do they know?! :biggrin: CONGRATS!
  5. Nice! What bag is that? I don't think i've seen it before. :smile:
  6. Great purchases!
    I rarely ever see that bag!
  7. Very cute!!
  8. Very cute, and rarely seen! You'll definately stand out (in a good way)
  9. cute bag! is that Sig fabric with brown leather??
  10. Lovely! Tell the hubby and kids to feel free to purchase you one of their choice lol!
  11. i think this is the same bag Jessica Alba had @ the Kids Choiece Awards...

  12. Very cute!!
  13. Thanks...I have decided that my husband and kids have no taste!;)
    It is a straw Daphne with snakeskin trim. Too cute! Can anyone tell me how to make my pictures bigger? Everytime I try to upload a photo, it says it is too big and I have to shrink it down to this size to get it to accept it. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  14. Congrats!!!! LOVE IT!!!!
  15. Very Nice! Love the scarves.