I Got a New Niece and a Wine Nikki w/Old Hardware..

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  1. I had a baby niece born Sat am and got a Wine Nikki with the old hardware that I lucked into and I absolutely :heart: both....You cannot ask for a much better weekend than that!!!! Only thing is I had already preordered one with the new hardware and could not cancel that order.. so I will have to part with that one...This leather is tdf and so slouchy...even more than my gray Nikki..
    WineNikki3.jpg Nikkiwine1.jpg WineNikki2.jpg
  2. Many women on this forum are going to be jealous of you... And happy that you'll be selling one too! Did you get it on sale or with a discount? And, CONGRATS on both!!
  3. Congrats--but what does the "new" hardware look like? Yours looks so slouchy and soft!!
  4. Wow, that's awesome!! Congratulations on the new baby niece AND the Wine Nikki! That's an unforgettable weekend, for sure! :woohoo:
    Where did you get such a rare find? And which one will you be parting with, the one with the old hardware, or the one with new hardware? :graucho:
  5. I totally love the old hardware...I really did not want one with the new hardware...it is not my favorite, but really wanted the wine...the color goes well with a lot..it looks great with black and brown...I bought it used and in great condition...
  6. I dont have a pic with the new it is square and has a big RM logo...you can see it on the Nikki on Luna Boston site..I think the old harware is more chunky and new is more classy..and I :heart: chunky edgy hardware...
  7. Got it, thanks! I like them both, so either way I'll be happy with my Wine Nikki coming! :yahoo:
  8. OMG congrats on both babies!

    Your wine Nikki is gorgeous-- what a great find! I was debating ordering a Wine Nikki but I just don't care for the new hardware on the Nikkis, although it looks good on the MAB's.
  9. Lucky lady and congrats about your niece!
  10. truly a beautiful bag!
  11. Congrats on your niece! And TWO nikki wine bags to choose from, that's kinda of a good "bad" situation to be in :smile: I like the Nikki in your pic.
  12. Congrats on both fronts - glad you had such a great weekend!
  13. You are one lucky girl! Congrats on both babies!
  14. I forgot to ask you--WHERE DID YOU FIND THIS BEAUTY?!?!
  15. Congratulations on the niece and the bag!