I got a new Mousse shopping tote paddington!

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  1. I love it the color it's so different yet versitile!

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  2. WOW! Where did you find that????? It's FABULOUS! Love, love, love!:nuts: :love: :love:

    Can you post a pic of the bag on?
  3. Moe, it's beautiful:love:! Congrats! Do you find it's quite a big bag or do you like the size on you? I was thinking about this one too but didn't want to have to dig around for my wallet in the depths, lol.

    The colour photographed greener than some I've seen. Would u say the pics are quite true to real life? More so the last one, which shows it more greyish?
  4. Your new tote looks fabulous! I've never seen the tote in Mousse. I love the silver hardware, too.:love:
  5. I'm 5'10 so I really don't find the bag too big or too heavy. It has many different compartments so its easy to dig out my wallet. The purse is definately closer to the color of the last pic. Its more greyish blue
  6. It's FABULOUS:love:
  7. Ooooh...that one's beautiful!!! The prettiest tote I've seen,actually!
  8. Oh it's so beautiful. I just love love love it!!! Congrats: Isn't it very heavy?
  9. :love::love::nuts: It's GORGEOUS!!!! Love it!!
  10. I love the color.
  11. OMG! This does exist!! I posted this question awhile back as soon as I saw Loganz' mousse paddy because I was loving the tote. Wasn't sure if they even had the tote in this color!

    Congrats Moe! Where'd you score this beautiful bag?! I am in :love:
  12. OH WOW I love it!!! I love the color and the shape...I am more of a tote person. I kept saying I wish the Paddy was bigger and here it is!!! Hmmm maybe a new Birthday option.
  13. Where did you get this from? I really want one..
  14. yay! I love that color lock, its so shiny! :biggrin:
  15. Oooooo, that is stunning. Where did you get it? Congrats!
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