I got a new Legacy Cell Lanyard!!!

  1. So on my lunch break today, I decided to buy a little something-something for myself. I went to the Coach store in SF and fell in love with this cute lil thing. It's so new, it's not even on the website yet (but it is in the drilldown)!

    I have no idea what it's called, but the receipt says that it is called the Leather Loop with Charm Lanyard #92126. It retails for $38.

    I've posted some photos, including one with it next to my Razr so that you can see how big it is. I love it!!! :heart::heart::heart:



  2. WOW! Maybe I need one for my New Chocolate Cell Phone!!
  3. Love it! Thanks for showing the pics!!!
  4. Dude! I didn't know this existed!! I HAVE to have a lanyard with a loop for my phones and I have the flower one now but oooh Legacy Stripe!!!! I gotta be a good girl tho! Be good, Candy!! *slap*
  5. I like that it is sooo cute.
  6. Well now, that is just precious!!!
  7. I like it. I may have to put this on my wishlist...
  8. omg that is sooo cute!!! pink &legacy stripes...2 of my fav. things.
  9. That is SOOO cute but my LG doesn't have a spot for a lanyard. WAH!!!!! :crybaby: I guess less and less phones do and it's such a bummer.
  10. it's cute!!
  11. I was in your boat with my LG 8300 but then I got a 7000 and it has a lanyard spot! Yea! So of course I have a Coach lanyard on it now :tup:
  12. So cute!!! I love it!
  13. that is so TDF!!!!!
    saw it at the boutique and thought WOW!!!:heart:
  14. CUTE! Congrats!
  15. Oh I love it, why didnt they have that in the store I went to last weekend since I live 3 hrs from any store I wont get to go pick one up now.