I got a new kitty!!

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  1. I've always wanted to have a pet, but my mother would never allow my siblings and me to have any (other than fish) so since I moved out I've wanted to get either a small dog or a cat. Well, a friend of mine had a Kitty that he couldn't take care of so I told him I could take him in! :biggrin: Now today I'm taking him to take his shots, to get tested for diseases, and to get his nails clipped (he's going to shred my couches if I don't :lol:)

    Pepe (the kitty) unfortunately hasn't been trained and well the only other "pet" I've ever "had" were fish, who don't need to be trained :lol: Does anyone have any tips they can give me? I've pretty much just been dragging him to his litter box every time he starts meowing that certain meow and giving him positive feed back but any extra tips would be great :biggrin: TIA


  2. sooo cute! take him to the box and use a digging motion into the litter with his front paws. it's instinctual. or at least it should be. good luck.... also make sure the litter box is not near his food or water and in a quiet private place.
  3. Awww, he's a sweetie.

    Cats pretty much learn by simply being shown their litter boxes. I have never had any issues with any kittens I have brought home - I take them to the litter box, put them in it and walk away and they are trained.

    You might have to experiment with litter to find one he likes.

    Also, I recommend getting him a scratching post.
  4. Thanks Twin53 :biggrin:

    That is on my list! :lol: Thanks :biggrin:
  5. AHH~!! your kitty is so tinyyy!!!!!
  6. Definitely get a scratching post :smile: And don't let anyone talk you into getting him declawed. The rescue agency I adopted from had an "absolutely no declawing" clause in the contract and I am so happy about it. I grew up with declawed cats and my two clawed kitties are more secure about getting picked up, gentler play fighters, more expressive, and easier to groom.

    I'd also give him a choice of litter boxes initially to see if he prefers covered or uncovered. I had some litter box troubles initially and we've finally settled on one gigantic open pan (I have two girls but one is gigantic) and one medium sized covered dome. And upsidedown carpet protector on the sofa (the non-litter box spot of choice).

    He's absolutely adorable! Kittens are a lot of work but they are so fun and so freaking funny that it's worth the extra effort. Post more pictures as he gets adjusted and starts to own his domain (my favorite picture of my two is from a few months after I got them - both sitting on top of the kitchen cupboards looking smugly down at me :biggrin:).
  7. He's so precious!
  8. Congratulations to both you and Pepe! I'm glad you found each other!
  9. Your kitty is adorable :love:
  10. Thanks girls!! :biggrin:

    We're still having a bit of trouble with the litter thing, but he's been really mellow this whole afternoon because of his vaccines. I just want to get the litter training over with since after that is should be pretty smooth sailing right?
  11. Congratulations!

    Cats like to go after they eat. So, after he eats, take him to the litter box and, as someone else said, you might scratch his front paws in it a little. Every cat we've ever had has figured it out pretty much on it's own, although they also had other cats to observe.
  12. congrats on your new buddy!
  13. What a cutie!

    Most cats should use the litterbox fairly quickly...

    Also, you may want to keep a spray water bottle around if you want to train the kitten to stay off certain pieces of furniture or kitchen counters. IN addition to the scratching post you may want to take some additional measures to protect your furniture and woodwork - lemon scented oil is good on woodwork (mine scratch around the doors and the lemon oil stops them) and there are some products to put on furniture to get the cats to stop too.

    Some people have luck with the Soft Paws, and if you're getting the claws clipped may be worth trying it out while the cat is young to get him used to the process.
  14. so cute - congrats!
  15. ^^ awe, he's soooooooo adorable :tender:

    p.s. i've gotta thing for black kitty-cats!!! :heart: