I got a new Fishie!

  1. Hello!

    Being a renter I am not allowed the pleasure of a dog. Whats the next best thing? A fish tank! And, over the weekend I got a new fish and wanted to introduce him :P .

    This is Riven the Blue Zebra striped cichlid.
    (semi aggresive tropical fish)

    Thanks for looking!!
    sm_DSC00015.jpg sm_DSC00017.jpg sm_DSC00025.jpg sm_DSC00027.jpg sm_DSC00028.jpg
  2. your lucky. my fishy died over the weekend when i was away and my sister was feeding him :sad::sad::sad: i totally cried because im a baby like that

    r.i.p. tiggerr.
  3. he is cute,congrats!
  4. aww, he's a cutie! What's his name by the way ?
  5. I am so sorry to hear. I am the same way too! I get so attached to my darn fish that if I loose one I am so sad :crybaby: (Lucky that hasn't happen in months!!) And my tank survived my Mom's over feeding while I was away for a week.
  6. His name is "Riven" after my favorite winery Rivendell Winery.

    After 3 days now he is starting to recognize me. :heart: Cichlid fish are very intelligent and can tell the difference between the people that normally feed it versus a stranger in the house. Serious!!
  7. aww! He's very pretty! I used to have a saltwater tank, they are so hard to take care of! DH's dad took it over...we had a porcupine puffer named 'Puffy' cutest little thing, he was! But we bought anemonie's and everything took a turn for the worse. :sad:
    I love having a tank though, so nice to look at!
  8. Ahhh! He's lovely! :yes:

    I'd love a fish tank, but every time I ask someone to look after my plants, when I'm away, at least one dies (including a beautiful Bonsai tree I'd fed, watered and pruned for three years! :cursing: ).

    I couldn't take the guilt if the same thing happened to my fish!
  9. Thank goodness it's not a saltwater tank, I think that would be too much pressure to take care of. It's freshwater that has its own special heater. I will post more pictures of my tank later tonight so you can "meet" the rest of the gang. They are such a hoot to watch!
  10. Sweet! I'm a huge cichlid fan.
  11. ^ Cichlids rule! I have 2 at the moment you can see my white one in my avatar. We call her Ms Snowwhite and I have nearly had her for 2 years. And Riven (the blue striped one) has taken so well to the tank! The 2 cichlids are very respectful of each other and have both found nice places to dig in the rocks and call home. I really should get more tank pics on here!
  12. What a cute little fishy!! Meany landlord, no other pets? I allow pets in my rental properties. People with pets make better renters IMO.