I got a new coach yesterday. it's the optic signature

  1. shoulder tote
    style: 7656 (white)
    it's pretty
    i really don't know how i will ever keep it clean. lol
    i got a really great deal.

    msrp: $348.00
    Factory store: $309.00
    20% off and another 25% off for donating a dollar to breast cancer
    grand total:
    $185.00 + tax

    does anyone else have this bag?

    ;) ;):heart:
  2. that's a very nice price~
  3. Good deal ! Lovely bag....I think the optic print is nice
  4. I thought about that one, since I love that print too, but the whiteness turns me off. I know that I would never keep it clean. Good luck with that!
  5. Ooo great price, and I love the bag! Congrats!
  6. Hi.. what other color do they have? I am thinking of buying a optic tote too.
  7. Congrats, amazing deal!
  8. thanks, everyone!
    ;) ;)