I GOT A NEW CAR!! yay!

  1. It's a 2007 Chrysler Aspen Limited. It seats 7 (front and second row bucket seats, third row bench), has a/c all around, fully loaded w/6 disc CD, DVD player, sirius satellite, GPS, wood/leather interior, running boards, heated front/back seats, 8 Alpine speakers, sunroof, tow, 20" chrome tires/rims, uconnect (handsfree cell phone usage), power liftgate (great for when your hands are full and you have to put stuff in the back), remote start (this is soo cool, it starts your car automatically and will run for 15 mins so you can cool off your car when it's summer or heat it up when it's winter and the car remains locked so no one can steal it)..........and best of all..................................... ....................................
    IT'S A HEMI!!! :yahoo:

  2. Congratulations!!! GOrgeous car i love it!:okay:
  3. Congrats!! And enjoy!!
  4. Aspen...where the beer flows like wine.
  5. Congrats!
  6. total hotness!! are you one of them tiny girls who drives a monster-sized truck? :tup: you go!! the remote start sounds awesome!! congrats!
  7. Congratulations!! and drive safe ;)
  8. nope not tiny, average (I think). I'm 5'7". But it is a huge difference compared to the Jeep Grand Cherokee I was driving. It's so much bigger and taller!! Funny thing though, according to the dimensions on the website, it's skinnier than the Jeep. HMMMM how does that work cuz it's so much roomier!

    The remote start is so cool, I was at the mall yesterday and as I'm walking through the parking lot, I started it up and by the time I got in, it wasn't so hot inside, especially since it was 109 degrees yesterday!! :wtf:
  9. Congrats! One of my dad's cars is a Hemi and he loves it!
  10. Oohhhh, nice!
  11. WOOHOOO!! Congrats!:tup:
  12. OMG...that is awesome...and its a Hemi...oh the sheer power of it....

    Congrats!!!! It's a beauty.
  13. congrats wow!!!
  14. congrats, how exciting.