I got a new belt/necklace

  1. Little Rocker and I were at Chanel today and spotted this lovely belt that can also be worn as a necklace. Pretty cool, right?:jammin:
    chanel belt 001_1.jpg chanel belt 003_1.jpg chanel belt 004_1.jpg
  2. I love that.

    Would you mind sharing the cost? And possibly the item # if you have it?
  3. I love Chanel belts, that one is so cute, and looks great as a necklace.
  4. No problem! The price is $1095 and the numers on the box say A31481 Yo2o18 Z2167. Not sure which of those numbers is the style number but hope that helps!
  5. It's so utterly rockerchic for our very own Rockerchic :supacool: Which Little Rocker accompanied you to church -- I mean, the Chanel boutique??
  6. Thank you. I am going to call my SA now to see if they have it. It is beautiful!
  7. :roflmfao: church!!
    It was my littlest Rocker, Lily. She said, "Mommy, that one is a beauty!" when I tried it on.
    Poor DH is in so much trouble with us three girls!
  8. love it, its gorgeous :yahoo:
  9. Oh dear, one fabulous mommy and two girlies-in-training...I smell trouble :graucho:
  10. God help your huband once your girls are teenagers! :p
  11. its beautiful!! i want one too!!
  12. So gorgeous! I love Chanel jewelry! Congrats!
  13. So gorgeous!!!! It is tdf!!!
  14. It's beautiful! :smile: You wear it well, enjoy it!!


    it's Soooo nice, I hope you wear it often :smile: