I got a new bag!!!

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  1. I'm so excited...I got the Hamptons Stripe Large Hobo in black! Or, I should say, I finally made up my mind 3 bags and 3 Coach boutiques later...

    I live in Pittsburgh and am fortunate enough to live close by 3 Coach boutiques (and I'm also 45 minutes away from an outlet store!). I wanted to check out the new boutique that just opened north of town (in Ross Park Mall, for those of you who are familiar with Pittsburgh) and bought the Hamptons Stripe Book Tote in brown, as I really like the deep brown color.

    Then I got to thinking...I like wearing my bags on my shoulder, which of course you can do with the book tote, but with cold weather not far ahead, I know that I will soon be wearing bulkier clothes like sweaters and jackets, and I have a really hard time wearing a handbag with close-set handles over my shoulder when I am wearing heavier clothes. (And it's not like I have big arms or anything...go figure!). So I figured that the large hobo might make more sense, as it would be much easier to wear over winter clothing and jackets.

    So on Saturday, I went to the South Hills Village boutique (closest to where I live), and exchanged the brown book tote for the brown hobo. And I ended up having to get the display bag, as it was their last one. So I took it home and I was happy, but not for long.

    I always seem to manage to buy Coach bags in black, and I really liked the idea of having a brown bag so that I would finally have something "different." But looking through my wardrobe, I seem to have so much black, plus most of my coats and jackets are black, so I became resigned to the fact that I would have to make yet another trip back to the boutique to get the black hobo....

    I went back to the South Hills Village store, only to find that they had no more black hobos in stock. They offered to order one for me, but I asked them first to call the other local stores to see if they had any. Ross Park Mall was sold out, but they did have one left at the Shadyside boutique. So off to Shadyside I went, and got the very last black hobo. :smile:

    So finally, I am happy. Plus, since I already own plain black leather Coach accessories, such as the checkbook wallet, card holder, and wristlet, I don't even have to buy new accessories! Of course, I may go back soon for the matching wallet, which is pretty sharp...
  2. Congrats!! I have the opposite problem...all my Coach bags are brown. Still waiting for the perfect black one.
  3. congratulations! i adore coach, too, and am always thrilled to get a new bag. so happy you found just the one you wanted. The dark brown is yummy isn't it? but you can never go wrong with black. enjoy!
  4. Please post a pic of your new bag. I am having a hard time deciding which new Coach bag to purchase. Thanks!
  5. sounds like a nice bag you got, pics please!!
  6. Congrats and enjoy it!
  7. Congrats! :yahoo:
  8. congrats!!
  9. Congratulations!