I got a Monogram Pochette Métis thanks to COVID-19


Aug 31, 2006
Hi everyone,

I picked up my first LV bag today - a monogram Pochette Métis, which I am thrilled about. I am now an LV convert after years of being a YSL girl. I keep reading/hearing about how impossible this bag is to get, so I feel very lucky. I initially started looking for this bag in March or April of this year, and I called LV Australia to enquire about it. At the time I was told they had a waiting list that was closed, however the SA took my details at the time and said she would “keep me posted”. A week ago I received a call to say they had one available, so of course I bought it! When I went into the store today everyone was shocked that I was able to find one, and the SA was telling everyone about my very short waiting period because she was so shocked. It was suggested in store that COVID has resulted in fewer people being able to make high end purchases, and with the absence of the largest purchasing group In Australia (overseas tourists - particularly Chinese and Malaysian tourists) again thanks to COVID and border closures, I somehow managed to find my way onto the wait list, and moved quickly up to the top!

It feels so strange (and I feel incredibly blessed) to benefit from such a horrific global crisis. Nevertheless it is nice to be in a position to be able to spoil myself in this way. So, if you’re in Australia and you’re looking for a bag that has been impossible to get, don’t give up, and reach out to a SA ASAP because you may have more luck with getting that hard to find bag over the next few months!