I got a MFF beeeeeyooty at the outlet today!


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Aug 22, 2007
Western Washington
I couldn't believe it was MFF. I saw the F in the style and was surprised. It feels like my FP bags. The lining is a gorgeous deep teal, and I can't get over just how rich looking the putty color is. I had made a pass by the clearance, but I didn't see much I wanted. So I was about to buy one of the MFF Soho satchels in the spring green shade (don't know the color name) that they said debuted today, but then thought why not take one more pass by. This time I saw just a wee peek of this from behind a row of other bags. I could tell it was different, so I pulled it out for a better look. Boy am I glad I did! I knew for sure it was coming home with me. I wandered around a bit trying to decide if I would get both bags, when a woman came up to me and asked where I got it from. It was the only one on the shelf, so a sales lady took it (and said she promised to return it with a laugh lol) and went to see if she could find another. It was the only one in the store, so the woman asked me to let her know if I decide not to buy it. If she's reading this sorry! I couldn't part with it.

Anyway, this got really wordy, but I just adore this bag. I am so jazzed right now!!


MFSRP $368
After discounts I paid $99.99
Style# F14022

Feb 7, 2010
Wow, beautiful! Do they have a new floorset now? I've been trying to stay away until April....and tomorrow is April ;)


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Jan 3, 2010
I love the MFF Chelseas, the leather is nice and supple. I have the MFF Chelsea satchel - burnished leather, not patent - and it's an awesome bag! I should've bought the tote in Pear when they were still around.


Feb 26, 2010
awww i saw her the last time i went! i was thinking about getting her....congratz! great deal!


Feb 8, 2009
Oh wow, you are right, that doesn't look like a MFF bag...beautiful...lining is simply TDF! Thanks for sharing


Aug 21, 2008
Eastern Iowa
I have this bag in teal leather and you're RIGHT, it's one FABULOUS MFF bag!!!

I've never really wanted a light colored bag the way I want this bag in putty!!

Congrats & Enjoy!!!

Here's my teal!