I Got a Luba J!

  1. Hey everyone! Today I finally made a decision on a Fall bag....and went for the Luba J balloon bag. I don't know if you remember, but I was debating over a gustto (baca) and this one. After hearing some negative Gustto reviews I decided on the Luba J. I got it in apricot, because I just think the color is so pretty (and it goes with more of what I have). I think it seems more functional. I ordered it today from ShopEmilyGrace.com. It WAS ON SALE TOO!! YAY=-) What's your opinions?? (I love hearing everyone's opinion on here=)


  2. Love the color! Congrats!!!
  3. I like it!! I think it is called their balloon bag...very pretty
  4. Wow! It's gorgeous! Too bad it's sold out now! I think you got one of the last ones! Now I can't be tempted! :lol:
  5. Luba J is an awesome bag!! The leather is to DIE for & not everyone has one which is nice. I have the Gecko in brown...Congrats!!
  6. I love that bag, cute!
  7. That is waaay Cool! I love Big Leathery bags, and I love that color. Hope it isn't real heavy for you.
    However it has no inner pockets....Waaaaaaa
    That would be a killer for me.
  8. I"ve always loved this bag! I think it is such a fun bag! I can't wait to see pics of it!
  9. Love it! How's the leather? Soft?:yes:
  10. Congrats :biggrin: awesome purchase!
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