I got a little something in Heritage pink!

  1. Say hello to my Heritage Stripe Tote No. 11351 in Pink. I love this tote. This is my first signature bag - I am pretty much a leather purist. I love the Pink stripe and the horse and buggy logo on the front. I also like the way this bag mixes a bit of color with signature. It has a front pocket and a back pocket and it is lined in Bleeker check inside. It is a very classy bag. The measurements on this one are 13 1/2 by 13 1/2 by 3 3/4" in depth. It has a zipper on top. I really like the coated canvas and the pink is so Springy. This bag is sure to cheer anyone up during the bleak and cold winter days ahead.
    IMG0009_1.jpg IMG0010_1.jpg IMG0011_1.jpg IMG0012_1.jpg
  2. Great bag, Liz! It looks so roomy! And I love the pink!! Awesome!
  3. I really LOVE this bag. Congrats!

    I hope to get one myself...maybe after Christmas...
  4. great bag

    i want the bag but i only want it in pink but i also want two other pink bags haha i dont even wear pink that often !
  5. tlloveshim: Thanks so much for your kind words. This bag is really roomy and lightweight too! Great for rainy days too and we have alot of those here in the Northeast. Liz
  6. SO pretty!!! I just LOVE that pink!! Enjoy it!
  7. So pretty! The bags are totally not for me, but I love to see them. I cannot wait to see them in action this summer on other people. I am pretty much a fall bag kind of person, and I have trouble breaking out of my rut!
  8. Liz,

    Love that you decided to try this bag! I really love this style, too, which strikes me funny since I'm really into the Coach leather almost exclusively. I justl love the colors, and it seems like such a great bag for those fairweather and rainy days....

    Does it have a zipper top? Just love it!
  9. Love anything pink!:girlsigh:
  10. OMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to get mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!! Oh no, I hope they don't sell out before I can get mine!!!
  11. Liz, may I ask where you got one?
  12. Great bag! I like pink!
  13. SO cute! I am totally eyeing this bag in green - is it comfy on your shoulder? Is the trim patent leather?

    I love it!
  14. Waaaaay Cute!!:love:
  15. Tejasmama: It does have a Zipper top and for this reason I was sold on it as I know my things will stay securely in the bag. I am really a leather purist like you but I don't know something about this bag just spoke to me and I had to have it. I am glad that I decided to go for it as I am not disappointed at all. I plan on carrying it tomorrow as we have rain here again this week. I think that the coated canvas will hold up well in inclement weather. kind regards, Liz