I got a little something from thailand. What it?

  1. This is a rather impulse holiday purchase. My first chanel. Im not sure if its me.. :confused1: Im usually a colourful balenciaga girl and this looks a bit "serious"..
    Anyhow is this called the classic flap? The SA says its the medium size. And the zipper inside? How does it work? I mean is it for decorative purpose or?.. :p
    I got it for 83141 bhat, which works out to be around: SGD3650. (after 7%tax refund)
    Please tell me its cheaper than in Singapore.. :yes:

    The confusing zip..
  2. It's beautiful! Congrats, I'm a Bal lover too, but this is such a chic classic and will go w/ your outfit if you want to use a subtle bag w/ colorful clothes. I am saving to get one too!
  3. Congratulations on such a fab bag! I think it's a perfect first Chanel.
    The zipper is a place where Mdm Coco used to keep the love notes she received...so I've been told!
  4. Its a wonderful bag that is a classic you will be wearing for many many years to come! :tup: Congratulations! As for the zip, haha, it's a Mdm Coco Chanel thing, along with the slot behind the main compartment. She apparently had quite a number of love letters to hide....:winkiss:. Also, there is the special lipstick slot in the middle. Aren't the flaps just great?
  5. darling, it is cheaper than here in Spore, I think. =) congrats
  6. aw its gorgeous, and a complete classic, that will get better and better with age and wear.

    You will soon wonder how you managed without it :smile:
  7. oh that bag is a classic Chanel and a keeper and an investment peice- the price just keeps on going up- so enjoy ur bag X
  8. hi chpwhy,

    you are getting me excited cos I am in Bangkok now! cant wait to visit the Chanel here!

    And oh yes! congrats on getting the classic (its' a double flap right) if so, you are getting it much cheaper from Bangkok.. Singapore is selling this for SGD 3950 :smile:
  9. congrats!! it's a great classic and i think it goes with anything so you can still wear colorful clothes and this bag will do just fine :smile:
  10. so you finally got a Chanel! i love the flaps! congrats "H"!!! as others have said above ^^^ this is a real classic!
  11. Congratulations on owning your first Chanel. This bag is a classic and I am certain you will not regret it! Wear her in good health:heart:

  12. :yes: :tup: ITA~~ and congrats!!
  13. congrats!! i think it's a good mix to have: colorful bals and classic black chanel! i don't think you'll regret it. :smile:
  14. Beautiful!
  15. congrats! it's pretty! i dunno if it's cheaper than in spore, but for some model even the chanel store in indonesia is cheaper than in spore. the price difference really depends on the model