I got a little brown box this morning...

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  1. Hey everybody!

    This morning the doorbell rang and I got a little brown box! SO guess, what I got...

  2. Open!!
  3. venise stole in brown, and........idk... beverly MM?
  4. it is the beautiful Eva! I am so in lvoe!


    sorry for the bad pics, but i only had my mobile...
  5. Yay!! I think the Eva is very pretty !!
  6. Omg !! Congrats! It Looks Perfect!
  7. Congrats!
  8. Love it!
  9. So cute .... :love:

    I :heart: it.

  10. Oh ... it´s beautiful! Congrats!
    May I ask you if you ordererd it at the new Online Shopping louisvuitton.de?
    Enjoy your Bag :tup:
  11. congrats, very funky :tup:
  12. That's adorable! Congrats on your purchase!
  13. Congratulations on a beautiful bag!
  14. congrats and a great way ot being a new day:tup:
  15. Beautiful, congrats!