I got a lemon! :p

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  1. I got my first Longchamp bag this morning from Reebonz~ Le Pliage Cuir in lemon yellow. The leather is so soft, thick n light weight. The hardware is very thick n solid as well. The quality is much much better than what I expected for this price. Love this smooshy lemon so much!! :biggrin:

    Reebonz packaging n service r great! This is my 3rd purchase from them. I love how it can be folded even tho it is a leather bag. Brilliant idea!


    2 lemons~ What a perfect match!! :smile:


    Childish deco to make it my bag....haha :lol:

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  2. Very nice! Enjoy!
  3. Sure, thanks! :biggrin:
  4. It's gorgeous!

  5. Gorgeous!!!! I also love your panda!!!
  6. Thanks for ur compliment! :biggrin:

    Thank u! Haha...I hope it wont be too childish for my age! :biggrin:
  7. What a beautiful and fun color!
  8. Beautiful pop of color. I love it!
  9. Thanks so much for sharing in my excitement here. :biggrin:
  10. Love it! Congrats.
  11. Pretty & perky! Congrats :smile:
  12. Very cute. Lovely for spring/summer. :smile:
  13. Nice!
  14. Very pretty, and the Panda charm looks cute!!! :smile:
  15. Thanks so much for all ur kind words!! :biggrin: