I got a large Carly Khaki/Ebony!

  1. I couldn't help it! At work yesterday I had the URGE so on my lunch break I ran to Macy's and got one! I was scared back in the day of the large ones but I think I'm in lovvve! It's so friggin slouchy, like when I put it down it practically collapses into itself lol it looks like it's pouting. But she's beautiful and I've been having fun carrying her fine ass around on my commute to work. I THINK I may love this more then khaki/saddle! Anyways PICS SOON! Yay Carly!
  2. Hooray for the large Carly!! I love the slouch on my large one, too! LOL about being "pouty"!!
    That khaki/ebony combo is gorgeous! Enjoy your new baby!:yahoo:
  3. YAY! I can't wait to see pics!
  4. Yeah! that is a beautiful combo!! we want pics! we want pics! :tup:
  5. Aww man. I also got my nwt Pond Legacy Shoulder in today and I have changed my mind about it. =P It's GORGEOUS but since I went nuts and got my Large Carly I'm just going to resell it on eBay I guess. I'm so annoyed about that, maybe Craigslist cause it has no fees, bahhhh. I just HAD to have the Carly tho!!
  6. Oooh, what did you pay for the pond?
  7. only 285 (shipping included there) A great deal! I can't expect to get that back but if I could get at least some of that back I would be pleased (then probably get a Khaki/Ebony Demi to maych my new love! XD)
  8. Congrats! I can't wait for the pics!
  9. Waiting for pics, too!

    And I totally understand that "URGE.":yes:
  10. YAY!!! Enjoy!!
  11. Thanks guys! I can't wait to take pics tonight. =)
  12. Congrats -- love the khaki/ebony!
  13. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I just bought a LARGE KHAKI/SADDLE CARLY this AM!!!! I am sooooooo excited b/c just like YOU, I passed on the large Carly MANY MANY times thinking it was too HUGE for me...but I LOVE the way it slouches!!! I bought mine off eBay, and it should be here next week!!! I have wanted the khaki/saddle combo since MARCH, and bought a medium TWICE and returned it TWICE b/c it wouldnt fit over a heavy winter coat (like I should have gotten the POINT, right???LOL) and I NEED to wear this bag in the winter...and the summer....and ALL the time!!!!! LOLOLOL...it's just a NEED!!! KWIM??? LOLOL...anyway, congrats on yours, cant wait to see pics, and I'll keep you posted on my khaki/saddle!!!!
  14. YAY!!!!

    So I called to order the Coach Carly Demi in Sig/Ebony and they said they didn't have them. I SWEAR I saw them at Macy's tho, is it a Macy's only bag?
  15. No, it's not exclusive to Macy's. Coach had them available for order earlier this month. Maybe they are sold out? :confused1: