I got a job! What bag to get

  1. So, finally I got a job:yahoo: I was really surprised because I hadn't expected it, but now that I got one, the first paycheck needs to be celebrated with a vuitton bag!! I'm really keen on getting the red epi noe after I saw it in RL on a lady in Russia and it was so much more gorgeous than I tought. It costs $1150 on elux, so I guess it will be about the same here, but considering I'm saving for the purse meeting in copenhagen, I'm wondering if I should put it off for a while (I need to be able to afford a new chanel bag as well) and rather buy a speedy or a BH instead for now.. And I also want a MC petit noe, but I'm excluding this for now, so I'm hoping for you guys' input, and here are the bags I'm indecisive about:

    red epi noe I simply want this bag and I've been more or less dreaming about it after I saw it some months ago. The only drawback is that it is a little bit expensive, but I can definately afford it.

    BH I really want this bag, but I don't feel that it's that urgent...

    Mono speedy 30 The classical "must-have" bag, but it will always be around, so I don't consider getting it urgent at all

    MC petit noe very cute, but not sure if I want to spend this kind of money before the meeting in copenhagen as I rather want to put my money towards chanel.
  2. I like the MC Petit Noe a lot... get that! :devil:
  3. I want it really bad :love: but if I get it I might not be able to afford Chanel, so I was thinking of either waiting until after the copenhagen meeting to see if I had anything left or to see if I have enough money in denmark to get both chanel and MC noe. But I'm definately aiming to get a bigger MC collection by the end of the year;)
  4. I love the BH get that!
  5. I would get the red epi and then rock the bag during the meet!
  6. hmmm, that sounds cool. And another thing I'm worrying about is that if I don't get the red one right away, they will discount it before I am able to afford it again.. Hmm, desicions desicions
  7. red epi noe
  8. I love the noe in mc!
  9. I would say the BH then?
  10. the MC petit Noe is SO cute! I would get that first!
  11. Ok, I went to bed and I tought for a bit, and I decided epi noe! I really want the BH and MC noe as well, and I'm hoping to get both of them by the end of the year (hopefully this summer or earlier), but the red epi is just tdf:love: And anyways, I have this irrational fear that stuff I want will be discontinued, so I think I want to "safe" the red epi before I buy other stuff.
    Thanks for all your inputs:flowers:
  12. red epi noe for sure!
  13. Great choice:yahoo:. red epi is just so fantastic, :love:.
  14. Mmmmhm, I can't wait:love: I've only seen one in RL before, but that was enough to get me hooked. So now I have one month of hard work before me and then I will get it :love:
  15. John Your so funny :lol:

    I second John, I love the MC Petit Noe in MC Black. And I would even love to have it in MC White. But prefer the MC Black. I also fell in love with the Epi Petit Noe in Black. Its so pretty. :love: