i got a jill stuart bag!

  1. i just got a jill stuart bag! its the cassiane in slate. i was looking for a good workbag, and was hounding the sas at Nordstrom until they got them in yesterday! she told me only twelve total in this color were shipped to all the Nordstroms, so that made me kinda happy. :smile: It's a great bag, and i love the metal details. I'll get pictures up later this week, but fabsugar has them on their site -its the first small picture, not the main one. I'm so excited, i just wanted to share with you all! thanks!

    here's the link -

  2. Oh, I like that !!! Congrats on being one of the few to get that.
  3. love it!
  4. thanks! :love:
  5. Who is Jill Stuart?
  6. she's a really amazing clothing designer and this is her first line of handbags. she's really popular in ny, as well as here in la. her website is http://www.jillstuart.com/. hope that helps!
  7. Gorgeous bags. I actually liked all the bags on that page.

    I used to be a fan of Jill Stuart's when she was best known for her tailored suits, coats and dresses. I think she took some time off and when she came back, she started doing some more deconstructed looks and more feminine dresses. Every now and then, I see her clothes on an actress or model.
  8. congrats!!
  9. :wtf: Only one of the best designers in the world! Prada bought her company in the late 90's and screwed it up- they ended up selling it (along with Helmut Lang) earlier this year. I believe Raf Simons designs for the rtw line now.....
  10. What are the dimensions of this beautiful bag? Thanks.
  11. Oh, very nice. Congrats! I'd love to see pics of you modeling it! :smile: