I got a HUGE SURPRISE Today!!! Come see!! ~Now matching wallet pics included~!!!!

  1. Hey everyone!!
    *sunshine* my friend and PF mod here just gave me a total headspin! Out of her sheer kindness and huge heart she sent me this absolutely georgeous Madeline large tote, in Khaki/chestnut:nuts:!!!! Fedx just dropped it off. I am beside myself with excitement!!:yahoo: I know we have tons of pink lovers here.....so take a look at the interior of this baby! Its baby pink!!! totally matches the bow!! On top of that there is a huge pocket in the front and the back. Hot!! I had no idea how adorable ths bag is IRL! Im amazed at sunshines kind heart not to mention her GREAT taste!!
    Thank you sunshine! I:heart:U!!!:love:
    Ebay Pics 722.jpg Ebay Pics 723.jpg Ebay Pics 724.jpg Ebay Pics 725.jpg
  2. WOW :nuts: That is incredible... I have been drooling over that bag.. I love pink too! :drool: It looks really great on you! I am in awe. :yes:
  3. OMG!!! That's an AMAZING gift!!! I love it!!! Congrats!!!
  4. OMG!!! I love that bag!!! What a sweetheart, sunshine is so sweet to do that for you! Congrats on your great bag!
  5. Kimmie, it's beautiful!! Sunshine is such a sweetie! What a gift!! I love my geranium Madeline! I have to send my large Carly back for an exchange and was tempted by Bridget but I may just get another Madeline! This one is very tempting! Isn't it just the best bag?!
  6. Wow what a generous and thoughtful gift. Its just beautiful. Enjoy it!
  7. Gorgeous, the lining is TDF. Wear it in good health, how generous and thoughtful of her!
  8. Lovely just lovely! What a great gesture! The pink is TDF! I wish I liked the Madeline totes but alas I do not. However, if I had unlimited funds, I'd get it just for the pink :lol:
  9. OMG....I love this bag and the lining is beautiful (perfect for Valentines)... Sunshine is amazing!! Congrats
  10. For once in my life I can actually say this bag will be used for a loooooong time. Its a perfect everyday bag. The size is perfect and super comfy on my shoulder.....no slippage. And the colors....yummy! Yes sunshine is an amazing girl!
  11. I saw this yesterday and I think the bow is a wonderful addition to the bag.
  12. That bag is beautiful, I like how they added the pink lining to tie in w/ the scarf...sooooo cute!!!
  13. This is just the cutest bag with the scarf to match the lining. Wow what an amazing gift!
  14. Oh Kimmie how sweet of you mods to take care of each other like that. What a sweetie Sunshine is!!!! And I love the madeline! It is gorgy! Perfect for my gorgy Kimmie :love:
  15. very cute, I had the bag once but I didnt like the straps on it for some reason the bag was hurting my shoulder and started to hurt my back, probably because I was in a auto accident lol..