I got a great boss!


Feb 23, 2006
So here I am at work pondering the finances. The COLA increases were approved, retro with a lump sum payment. I wasn't expecting that (my mind has been elsewhere these past few weeks while at work... long story).

I'm looking at my check wondering, hmm, what shall I do with this? Get my fuel tank for the house filled, maybe a new couch, hmm decisions decisions. My boss, the lovely Joanne comes out of her office and hands me an envelope and says look at what she recieved in the mail. The envelope reads "An Exclusive Offer From Coach..." She won't be using it since she just paid off her bills and I in exchange for being sworn to secrecy (from her daughter), :yahoo:she gave it to me.

YAY! Needless to say, no new couch, the tank will be filled at its regular time and next week, I'm going to Coach.

Now I have a new decision...