I got a good one! Reveal.

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  1. After the scare stories on here lately, in particular Mayfly's horrible emerald Lexy experience, I have been nervously awaiting the arrival of my sale purchase.

    I am delighted to say I got a good one :yahoo:

    Who wants to see?
  2. Me!! And I'm sooo pleased you got a good one (whatever it is!) ;)
  3. Ooh yes!
  4. Is it,an emerald Lexie????.
  5. Me, me, me!!!!!!
  6. I'm not very good at draggint things out, so without further ado...

    please welcome my O/S Alexa in Oak. I think she's one classy lady :smile:

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  7. Congrats you can beat a bit of classic oakey!!!!
  8. It's a grey day outside so difficult to capture her lovely colour, which is quite a dark oak.

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  9. And now for some modelling shots. Please forgive the messy room.

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  10. Oh absolutely gorgeous! I wish I'd got one in oak or black in the sale!
  11. Gorgeous. I love mulberry oak bags, especially the alexa.
  12. Ooh what a lovely rich colour :smile:
  13. Thank you! I'm so happy I got a good one!

    The leather looks and feels thicker and smoochier than on my black regular Alexa (purchased new 3 years ago). Her backside is more wrinkled, but I don't mind, we all have our quirks.
  14. Congratulations on your gorgeous alexa Mary79, enjoy
  15. A classic beauty and look great on you…enjoy!