i got a good deal, BUT...

  1. i got this today, but i'm just not sure if i love it. i LIKE it...but is that enough?

    i needed a bag for school and this was on sale ($339, i think). and i gave a friend my coach credit if she'd buy this for me...so it was win-win to me, kwim?

    soooo....thoughts? opinions? was suede a bad idea? i'm so confused! lol.



  2. I think it's a gorgeous bag for school. You have to worry about suede in the rain, but the size looks perfect for books, a laptop, etc.
  3. i think that if you use the suede protector it should be ok..i really like it on you. and i think that its awesome or i would not have put it on my card...:graucho:(then cause my card to be on lock down hehe) but i like it and i think that it will be an awesome bag for you!!!
  4. ^trust me, i felt AWFUL about that. oops. maybe citi needs to be forewarned when we go shopping together...hehe.

    lindsay, my mom saw that HUGE bag. :wtf: and her reaction: "i like it more than your coach!" haha!

  5. yes citi does..and omg you mom actually liked it...wow :busted who is she and what did she do with your mom?!?!?!
  6. i think my mom is officially going crazy because she even asked what was in the lv bag and seemed semi disappointed it was only agenda refills. :wtf:
  7. oh your mom trips me out..i love her thou...maybe now you know what to get her..burberry or something lv
  8. ^oh geez. she'd never carry anything like that. i'd have to pry her "free with purchase" bath and body works tote from her fingers. lol. it's sad. i'm starting to think i was adopted.
  9. hehehe that would not suprise me if you were adopted but then again somethings do skip a generation..just remember that when you have children!!!! and just tell her the burberry was "free" from um um yea it was "free"
  10. Kallison-I like the burberry. I saw it online and thought about getting it for work. I don't carry large bags(I am a pochette kinda gal) , but this would have been perfect for work. I am still considering getting her-depends if i can sneak it in or not. I think it looks great on you and would make a perfect school bag
  11. Oh that looks gorgeous on you and if I was a schoolmate of yours, I'd be SO jealous. Check out Scotch Guard for suede. It repels moisture and liquid so your bag can get a little bit of abuse ;)
  12. Girl, I am so loving anything Burberry, right now!!
  13. Great bag and it looks to be a perfect size for school!
  14. thanks guys! it's growing on me, that's for sure!
  15. good. i'm glad that its growing on you...hope you carry it on monday!!