I got a gift from LV today in the post! A VIC gift!!!!! *pics*

  1. Morning everyone!
    Well if you remember i had terrible service at the boutique last time I went in so I complained! The manager rang me etc and said sorry:p So i was happy and content and thought nothing else of it!


    Today the post came with a package for me!:nuts: I look and theres a BIG LV logo sticker on the front, so im like OMG OMG!!!:wtf: WHAT COULD IT BE!!!

    SO im running around nearly having a heart attack, i opened it and theres a letter saying here is a gesture of good will ....:drinkup:

  2. what is it?!?!?!?
  3. Show us!
  4. Bookmark?
  5. awww!! i don't like these teaser posts!
  6. What is it? :wtf:
  7. a bookmark :whistle:
  8. he he! I cant wait any longer to put it up either! Im soo excited!!
  9. and another one![​IMG]
  10. And one with the LV pug!!
  11. OMG, congrats!
  12. Congrats! How nice of the manager to do that!

    I love your Puggie!!
  13. A Bookmark!

    I have been looking for one of those like crazy on eBay.

    Enjoy it .... it is TOO CUTE! :love:
  14. nice. i'm liking the black mc the more i look at it.
  15. I want one. I'm jealous.