I got a GENUINE bargain

  1. I saw the bag of my dreams - a prada washed leather - at a low start price and thought "Why not?" I emailed the seller to ask how much international shipping was and when she quoted me $20 for Fedex Overnight I thought "Uh-oh".
    I then asked how she could charge $20 for a service that usually costs nearer $90 and she said her company had a deal with Fedex and shipped quite a bit overseas.
    So to cut a long story short I got a £1000 bag for £100.
    I took a chance based on her willingness to respond to questions and the fact that she had 16 positive feedbacks (mentioning authentic bags and good service) and was also selling other designer bags.

    I know I could have been burned but I decided the risk was worth it. It was done through paypal so I knew I could claim if there were any problems.

    Anyone else taken a chance and got a real bargain?
  2. Yeah, good luck with that. I really hope for you that it is genuine, but I'm not holding my breath. At least you have paid through Paypal (with an invoice sent through eBay I hope).
    Again I really hope that you have got a good deal. But it's hard for me and probably many others to have faith these days...
  3. ^ I didnt mention that it arrived two days later as promised, which from US to UK is fantastic and I am pretty sure its authentic - those washed leather bags are impossible to fake - and believe me I've looked!
    I suppose I should authenticate it on the appropriate thread just to make sure tho!
    That said I HAVE been burned, twice, got refunds both times. Price you pay for being a bag addict, methinks!
    Okay I am off to post on the "authentic this" forum - wish me luck! :flowers:
  4. Unfortunately I have seen a number of fakes of that syle bag on eBay- definately post on the prada forum and keep us updated!
  5. I once got a Chloe bag for $250 shipped, it retailed for around $1650 (SS 07) the photos were blurry so nobody paid attentiona nd the price seemed too good to be true. The seller had enough feedback but not so much on designer items. She was very prompt in responding to emails and sounded very sincere trying to convince me she was an honest person. I took a chance but not without caution because I paid with CC through Paypal and not my PP balance so I can chargeback worst case scenario. The Chloe bag was the real deal and v. good bargain.

    This experience is far and few in between though so it doesn't happen too many times in a lifetime. Haha!
  6. ^ Thanks for that - gives me hope! I am having trouble uploading the pics tho :shame:
  7. I hope it's ok
  8. Thanks! Have uploaded a couple of pics so here goes and fingers crossed! :sweatdrop: :flowers:
  9. good luck! if it's real, then congrats!
  10. Crossing my fingers for you, I hope it's authentic!
  11. Hey, it can happen! I hope it works out for you.
  12. Any news yet? I hope its real!
  13. I hope it's authentic. Any updates?
  14. Hmm, apparently the tag looks "off" but I didnt provide a particularly good photo - think I'll send more pics. I know I'm probably being naive but when you look at the craftsmanship, the weight of the hardware etc, it seems really hard to believe its a fake.
    It also has little crystals stuck inside the lining - no trace of glue but I thought that was quite a quirky touch. Really I think I need a real one to compare it to.

    Thanks for your support everyone - I havent given up yet! :flowers:
  15. i hope its a real good deal for u!
    i believe that there are still good deals with good sellers on the eBay, in fact, smetimes, the ones with not as much as a few thousands or hundreds feedbacks may be the better ones to deal with.
    crossing fingers for u here!!