I got a few new goodies today!! **PICS**

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  1. I went to my local (okay, 45 minutes away...) coach boutique today and picked myself up a few goodies....and one of them is a cutie.....:love:
  2. Ohh, open them! I love that new perfume bottle. But I just got a bottle for Xmas so I cant justify buying more now
  3. The small heritage makeup case I have been wanting for quite some time, the new limited edition perfume (sooo pretty IRL), the ADORABLE snail key fob that just came out today and the purse size perfume. Let me tell you, that little snail has the most adorable deer-caught-in-headlights "who me?" look on his face (or maybe Im just looking too much into it...which could be since Im wiped from shopping all day!). Just thought I'd share..Im so proud! And cut off for a while!! lol :police:Dont let me near any malls for a while!:police:
    DSC02648.jpg DSC02651.jpg DSC02653.jpg
  4. Great choices. :tup:
  5. Congrats, you got the new snail already - it's sooo cute!
  6. Great stuff! I cannot wait to get the snail fob! Love the case, too! I would buy the cool perfume bottle if I wasn't already working on the original bottle myself! Too cute!
  7. That snail!:roflmfao:
  8. Cute purchases! The snail keyfob is so pretty!
  9. very cute! that snail is just adorable!
  10. I love that snail - I wish it was a charm!! I've been putting the Coach charms on my Bal bags, but need the snap to do that! He is sooooo cute!
  11. oohh so cute! I have to ask you guys, what does the perfume smell like? Fruity, floraly, etc? :shrugs: TIA! :tup:
  12. OMG I love the snail!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Thank you so much everyone!! I really love my new things...I don't splurge too often (my fiance would kill me!) but it was time. But next time I go to the mall, I am not to be unsupervised! lol
  14. I think the perfume is a very floral scent. Its not too strong (after you wait a few of course) and lasts a long time once its on you. I really love it!
  15. The snail is so cute! Enjoy your splurge!!!