I got a fake LV wallet as a gift--- and when comparing it to my real one---

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  1. I got a fake LV wallet as a gift--- and comparing it to my real one---

    the inside crossgrained leather is more rough on the REAL LV item.

    the fake one has a smoother inside crossgrained leather.
    like the real one was more texturized.

    i just thought that was interesting
  2. Urgh.. I'd freak out if somebody gives me a fake wallet.. It's like a slap in the face..

    Anyway, can you post pics so that we can see the difference?

  3. lol I agree Bengt! I'd actually want to slap them in the face with the fake:cursing: wallet that they gave me haha:bagslap::boxing:

    but I am curious as well to see the difference, could you post some pics? and did the person that gave it to you told you it was fake or did you have to inspect it to find out?
  4. Wow...that`s like an insult! Probably thought that you wouldn`t catch it...but little do the rookies know...that once you have the REAL THING you can smell the fakes from a mile away!!!
  5. Yeah its kind of upsetting to get a fake LV anything. Post pics.
  6. Do you think maybe the person who got it for you thought it was real??
  7. Ugh! Poor you!!!
  8. it is icky...but at least...it's the thought that counts...maybe..kinda???
  9. I've received a fake wallet as a gift before. I think it's because the giver thinks that there isn't much difference. That the fake is a good as authentic but WE know there is a HUGE difference. I end up donating them. Is that bad? I should destroy them, huh?
  10. funny, the LV fake pochette wallet i used to have is rougher than the real one i bought, and subsequently met an end..... and each time i see a fake , i see the disparity between them and my own or those i know, and i find real LV to generally be softer in the leather and the canvas and the zippers!
  11. ^^I've seen and touched one (fake pochette) and the funny thing is, the fake kinda smell like kerosene.
  12. oh no thats awful, my daughter's friend bought her a mono pouchette. fake sadly, but the mum got really offeneded, "we paid good money, in a shop," so be careful how you handle it, is my suggestion. i do feel for you good luck alfie x
  13. Lol, mmm kerosene.... ewww. My friend loves fake bags and her fake white MC pochette just isn't like the real thing!
  14. That's a bummer, but I'm sure they didn't mean to insult you. Remember some people don't care about designers & authencity the same way we do. They just see you carrying a bag with LV's and may see the same an accessory with the same logos and think you may like it.
  15. yup - I have to agree! I've got a bag full of fake designer stuff (mostly LV and Gucci) hidden in my basement. Gifts from friends and relatives. They had good intentions - they saw that I like carrying LV and since they couldn't afford the real ones, they bought what they considered the next best thing. I just said thanks and that I appreciated their thoughts. I don't have the heart to throw them away in case sometime in the future, they ask me "So what happened to the LV / Gucci .....that I bought for you?".

    I don't agree with fakes but preserving their feelings is much more important to me.