I got a fake Coach charm

  1. Seriously, there are fake charms???

    Here is the one I got:

    eBay: Coach 5 Charm Keychain (item 330096539503 end time Mar-08-07 15:22:52 PST)

    Here is the real one:


    She didn't actually use the word authentic, and I should have known better given the price. Since it was so cheap, I doubt I'm going to get any help from eBay or Paypal, and frankly, it isn't worth my time to try and get $15 back.

    So my question, what do I do about the feedback? She already left me positive, so I think there is no chance she can change that. Should I just leave her negative, or write her first, or do nothing?
  2. If you go to the Coach forum you can authenticate ALL Coach products before you buy!

    And fact is. Majority of Coach charms/keyfobs on eBay are fake.

    It doesnt matter if she used the word authentic. She used the word COACH.

    I think you should contact her FIRST and tell her she sold you a fake Coach item and you want your money back. Then go from there.

    Let us know how it goes!
  3. dp
  4. File with eBay as significantly not described, first: Item Not Received or Significantly Not as Described Process

    Then file with Paypal, if you paid that way.

    Since the Seller already left feedback, she cannot change her feedback, so feel free to leave a negative without retaliation.
  5. It feels lighter than the one in the Coach store. Also, the handle of the green umbrella, if you zoom in on the one on Coach's website, you can see the jewels. On the one I got, there are little Cs.
  6. OmiGOSH! I did not know that they made fake Coach accessories! Why do they bother- can there much profit in the small accessories?

    Anyway, I agree, file w/ Paypal. eBay owns the company and lately they have been strict w/ the selling of fakes. You should definitely get your money back.
    Good luck!
  7. As 86leo said, post it in the Coach forum to be authenticated first. Did the one in the store have Cs in the umbrella? Sometimes stock pictures are different than the actual production item. The regulars in the Coach forum will help you out.
  8. Right. 99.9% of key fobs on Ebay are fake. Go to IOFFER.com and you'll see where they get them for 4.00 each. Coach wallets are just as bad.
  9. :sad:The ones in the store also had the jewels.
  10. LOL! I checked out the pictures AGAIN and saw the difference after I posted that ;)

    However, I would post this here: http://forum.purseblog.com/coach/authenticate-this-coach-21893.html And have others give you their opinion. I have read a few times, that sometimes the stock photo for charms on the Coach site is a tad different then what they end up producing and selling. Its their way of keeping fakes from looking EXACTLY like what they produce.

    But get some more opinions before contacing her!

  11. :sad: I would still post for the experts to judge.
  12. I think nowadays, they fake EVERYTHING! I agree with others, get it ******************, then contact the seller to get a refund if it is indeed fake. If the seller refuses to refund, file a dispute with ebay/paypal. It doesn't matter if it's only $15, it is still a fake charm anyway. For me, if I knew it is fake, I wouldn't even pay $0.15 for it. Lol... And also, you shouldn't let the seller get away so easily for selling a fake and continues on scamming other buyers. No wonder some sellers can continue selling fakes with such glowing feedbacks, and people judge whether their items are authentic or not by solely refering on their feedbacks alone. :rolleyes: JMHO.

    Good luck and hope your charm is authentic so you don't have to go through all these hassle.
  13. I put up the link to the auction on the Authenticate This Coach forum, and they are leaning toward fake. I'll e-mail the seller now. I'll give her a chance to explain, then I'll report it.

    I did buy this today at the Coach store to make myself feel better, anything for a good cause, right? :yahoo:

  14. Well, I heard back, here is what the seller said:

    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]As always we want all our customers to be satisfied. We offer a full refund to any unsatified customer. Please ship the item back at our expense and your money will be refunded through pay pal. Our products are as stated, Coach keychains. :push:

    I also just received a payment of $1.50 to cover the return shipping.
  15. Send it back, and after you get your refund post a negative stating her "coach keychains" are not authentic just because they say 'coach' on them.