i got a display...?

  1. i went to the coach store today and i bought a black hamptons turnlock wallet i had been eyeing. of course i got it giftwrapped so i didnt get to see what it looked like until i got home...ive noticed that there are nail indents, the leather seems a bit worn and stratched up. also its black to its very noticable.a new wallet clearly should not look like this....so im thinking either i got the display one ( which has NEVER happened before to me)..or someone returned it. uhh this sucks..it totally ruined my mood lol

    im planning on going back tomorrow :sad:. i hope i dont have any problems in changing for a new one. has this ever happened to any of you?
  2. No, but they will exchange it for you no problem. I have started looking at my items before I leave the store..I don't get them wrapped anymore.
  3. Unfortunately I now do that, too. I live 1-1/2 hour from my boutique, so I cannot afford to get home and realize that the item I have isn't right. So I have them put the wrappings in the bag - the tattersal box and ribbon and tissue - and show me the item before it, too, is put in the bag. I'd love to be able to trust that everything is perfect, but sometimes even they don't realize that they have the wrong item or that it was once on display. It just saves me mileage if I check things before I leave the store!
  4. Whenever I buy something in store, I ask for a new one from the back so its still all wrapped up and I can be sure no one else has had their paws all over it.
    I know how you feel though, I ordered my Maxene boots over the phone from a boutique halfway across the country, and when they came in, I could tell they must have bee a floor model... they looked like they had been tried on a few times. Since they were practically the only pair in the country left, I didnt make a fuss about it. But for a wallet that you know they have plenty more of, dont feel bad about speaking up!
  5. Excellent advice. One time I drove all the way home (85 miles) to realize they gave me a leather tote instead of the signature one I bought and was listed on my receipt. Then when I went to pick up the new one it took them almost 30 min despite the fact that I called ahead. AAHHHHhhhh!!!
  6. Well that's not good...though I'm sure they'll exchange it with no problems.
  7. you should get MORE than what you pay for...you pay good money and there simple no excuse
  8. I'm sorry that this happened to you! It has also happened to me too! Thank goodness I only live 20 minutes away. You should really get some compensation for the mistake too!