I got a deal on Isabella Fiore!

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  1. I'm gushing because I found the Isabella Fiore Daddy's Girl Tote at a thrift store next to my work for only $8!!! I think it's brand new because it still has the tags inside the bagand it's in excellent condition. It retailed on the Neiman Marcus website for $399. Woohoo!
  2. That is a great buy!!! Good for you!
  3. $8! amazing!!
  4. it's funny because I never go in that store but for some reason I had some extra time to kill. I also picked up a slightly used Kate Spade messenger bag for $5. It must have been my lucky day. :graucho:
  5. Great Price
  6. Wow! Very nice scores.
  7. WHERE is this thrift store??
  8. lol. It's an Out of the Closet store in LA, near Los Feliz. There's plenty of them in this area. They're cute stores that benefit people with HIV. But in my opinion, any thrift store can always be a treasure chest.
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