I got a couple of B-Day presents...

  1. Hmmm, I must say my 25th B-day has been quite good - its been dragged out all week and finally all the presents have stopped coming! hehehe!

    To my surprise I got something really awesome from a fellow PF-er :wlae: :flowers: YOU know who you are! Your crazy b-bag girl!

    I'm SO happy that I've found the PF - I've really formed some really GREAT friendships. THANKS Vlad and Megs.

    AND, I got something that I never thought I'd ever get! :love:

    See below for pics! :wlae:
  2. Lets all drool together... :drool:

    WOO HOO Louis Vuitton stuff
    Dsc01938.jpg Dsc01939.jpg Dsc01940.jpg Dsc01941.jpg
  3. Happy Birthday !!! love your bell boy..
  4. gorgeous. congrats and happy birthday girl.
  5. oooh happy b-day!! hehe b-days are just great!
  6. woo hoo! happy day!
  7. happy birthday! nice gifts!!!
  8. Congrats, and Happy Birthday!
  9. Happy Birthday!!!! Great items!! Congrats and enjoy!

    MmMm, your presents are beautiful! And yea, PF members are such sweeties!
  11. Happy Birthday!!!
  12. Great Gifts! Happy Birthday girl!
  13. HappY Happy! Birthday! Congrats!
  14. happy birthday.... happy birthday... whoopee-doo whoopee-do... :wlae:
  15. happy birthday~ congratulations!!!