i got a coach ipod shuffle holder for $12.. BUT i have no shuffle. so....

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  1. i got a coach ipod shuffle holder for $12.. BUT i have no shuffle. so....

    would it be just weird and stupid for me to hold gum in there? it fits perfectly.

    and, I already have a ipod nano that I use all the time.

    Should I put gum in there, or just return the thing?

    it's really unneccessary for me to get a ipod shuffle unless it's for $20.
  2. Lol! Thats cute. I see no reason you couldn't use it as a gum holder. Or you could give it as a christmas gift if you know someone who does have the shuffle.
  3. you wouldn't think that's dumb? like if you saw someone on the street whip out what looks like a ipod holder... but only to see that they take gum out of it.

    wouldn't you give them an odd look?
  4. who cares what an onlooker thinks!

    i personally wouldn't do it, if i actually have a pack of gum i usually finish it within the hour anyway LOL.
  5. haha it is a little weird, I mean people throw gum into their purses.. and are you always gonna carry the same gum? $12 to hold a pack of $0.50 gum? hmm unless its really cute and you cant live with out it, i would probably return it! good deal though ahha
  6. I probably wouldn't notice. But I do think its kind of funny. No offense, it sounds like something I would do. ;)
  7. haha. i think it'd be cute as a gum holder!

    i wouldn't buy the shuffle- i have one that is just gathering dust because i think it's stupid. (i LOVE my new 30gb video though!)

    for $12, keep it and enjoy your new gum case!
  8. Actually, I have had trident fall out of its pack and come unwrapped in my purse and leave some stickiness. So its not a bad idea.
  9. I think it's a cute idea! now I'm thinking about getting one for that very purpose:shame:
  10. we could start a new trend!!!
  11. Very cute idea, I've seen other 'gum' holders and they really do look like ipod shuffle cases!! Definately go for it!
  12. Hermes makes a gum holder for much more so I don't see anything wrong with using it as a gum holder.
  13. I think it would be cute for a gum holder!
  14. does anyone have pictures of the Hermes GUM holder? just curious
  15. PS: you just created a whole little coach trend here! so don't feel bad or embarrassed!