I got a Chestnut Kooba Carla for $329.99!

  1. I am so psyched. My Saks Off Fifth in Orlando had 3! $329.99 and $12 to ship. Dustbag included. I will post pics when I get her. I so love not paying retail for these things - that's about 50% off!
  2. Congrats! What a great deal!
  3. Thanks! Here is a pic from Kooba.com.

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  5. yAAAY congrads! :smile: I LOVE MY GINGER IN CHESTNUT

    the color is BEAUTIFUL! and the leather is butter its amazing you are going to LOVE IT!! :smile:

    cant wait to see pics congrads on the deal yaay
  6. LOL This must be a misplaced post.
  7. Thank ya Bessie!
  8. anytime girl you are my fellow kooba lover! :smile: i mean i know there are many but you truly love your kooba i can tell :smile: and i feel the same way! cant wait to see it, did you place the order todaY?
  9. Haha, yes I want to collect them all, the leather is so yummy. I truIy have looked at so many different bags and I always end up drooling over Koobas the most ...

    I did the order just this evening, and since I am in state I don't imagine it should take too long to receive.
  10. ohh so exciting im sure youll get it before the week is out! :yes:

    I have the ginger which is amazing and the carla, but the carla is in gold and its def. not nearly as soft but i still thought it was pretty so i had to have it

    i think they are my 2 most fav styles, i had the ADA i had to sell it cause it weighed like 10lbs with nothing in it and it wasnt practical but it was pretty!!

    i think maybe i want a ginger in black too, and maybe a maria? I also like the gretchen a lot its smaller and really cute i think!! :yes:

    but for me that would be it those are the ones i love the rest dont strike me too too much

    I also love gustto leather its sooo soft you should give it a shot if you havent, AND the botkier is really great leather too i have the bianca which is sossososo soft, and then i have this essex east/west sachel which is a totally different leather, its like much sturdier leather has more form but the quality and details are amazing! :smile:
  11. Hmmmm, I have felt the Carla leather in Chestnut and it was buttery soft, maybe b/c yours is gold it is different in texture? You think?

    I think I am going to take my Brynne back and get something else in black. Not sure which one though. I like it but I am already picking it apart, not a good sogn after paying retail for it. I will wait and when it goes on sale if I still want it get it then.

    I am going to check out Gustto and Botkier again, thanks for the info.!
  12. yea its def because its the gold its a different texture all together thats what i was trying to say obviously not clear tho :smile: haha

    but yours is goin to be amazing in that yummy chestnut leather

    yea thats not such a good thing if you are already finding reasons you dont love it :sad:
    i think you should exchange it for that one that every single time you look at it you are like "LOVE" hehe that way paying retail you will feel ok about it (i paid retail for my botkier essex but its so beautiful i know it was worth it)

    and yea then wait for brynne to go on sale it will eventually!

    and def give botkier and gustto another look its worth it !
  13. Congratulations fellow Kooba lover! It's a beauty at a great price!
  14. Nice find!
  15. Great deal! congrats!