I got a Chanel GST w/GH from BG but...


Dec 3, 2007
Hi ladies,

I finally got a GST w/gold hardware @ BG yesterday but am having second thoughts to make an exchange to one in wahed caviar leather w/SH.
I am waiting for getting one shipped out to me but regular caviar leather w/GH may seem to boring to me but haven't seen wahed caviar ones IRL yet.
they sold out of ones w/SH so I had to get the last black w/GH they had.
Can anyone help me to clarify the differences b/w regular caviar and washed caviar? does wahed caviar one only come with SH?
the one that I got had a tag w/ style # starting w/oov A20995Y01864 but found out on ebay that some stared w/ 08P 20995Y04839.
do you ladies know what the differences are?
which one should I get?
they said they're getting a new shipment and will allow me to exchange to one w/SH.
I am so confused now by style number and different kinds of leather...
please help me out~~~~~~thanks!!!!!!!!!!!


Dec 6, 2007
try doing a search, there are a bunch of threads about old vs. washed caviar. i have the washed caviar GST with SH and i really like it, so good luck in your decision!