I got a cell phone case!

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  1. I got a cute cell phone case in pink/black! I was going to get a cosmetic case, but I don't have much use for a cosmetic bag...I couldn't think of what I could put in it, plus it was almost $300. So I got a cell phone case instead, which was only $140! I can put my phone or small camera in it. I told myself that it'd be the medium tote and that's it, but it's really hard to resist these prices.
  2. congrats! the pink/black cellphone case is really cute! :smile:
  3. How stupid of me, Now I know, what I thought were cigarette cases at Saks were cell phone holders, a lot of them at Saks in dadeland miami in pink and black.
  4. Congrats! post pics for us.
  5. Congrats! It sounds really cool, but I would love to see it!
  6. congrats. oh, pleease do post pics.
  7. Will when I receive. I hope I love it. If not, I'll return. I'm kind of having 2nd thoughts about it hours later. LOL.
  8. is that a french bulldog in ur avatar??

    for $140 that's pretty good!!!!
    i would love to get more cambon accessories
    but all that they have is in pink
  9. Congrats...... please post pics
  10. wait wait wait! I just got mine last week from a friend in NY, why does mine cost $210? My friend said its $350 less 40% right? did Chanel drop their prices once more? waaahhhh :cry: pls pls i need some answers
  11. I believe Saks had another cut on Wednesday (another 30% off).
  12. Yes, Saks cut another 30% on mine. Koalaph, do you like yours? Do you use it just for your phone?
  13. I love them. I want one in black or white.....
  14. I LOVE MINE! and use it on my phone a razr so i can still fit in some cash and cards! BUT :cry: I got it for $210 just last week! i am dying here! :cry: do you think Saks will give my friend a price adjustment? but the item is with me already and I am from the Philippines :hrmm:
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