I got a card !!!!

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  1. So I got home this week after being on vacation and I had a lovely card from Matthew at Bloor St HR waiting for me. It was so sweet. I was so glad to finally have received a card from an SA... I only purchased from him once but I can tell you that I will ONLY purchase from him from now on !!!! (I really hope this means Im on the VIP list and catalogue list too).

    Anyways I wanted to share some pics of the card bc I think its just so cute !!! Im going to write him back and thank him for the boxes he set aside for me (he set aside 2 of the largest size hard boxes - non collapsable - and they are so pretty and he says SSOOOOO hard to find in toronto especially as any store that isnt the bloor flagship store.)

    The return address on the envelope... LVOE IT!!!


    The back....opening the letter


    The front of the card, sooooooo pretty


    The inside of the card...hand written note by Matthew

    And the note on top of the 2 boxes he set aside for me !!!


    Sorry for the upside down pics!!!!
  2. Love those boxes, I got one for my speedy, I looked soo silly with the giant LV bag in bloomies (because I went to the bloomies LV) I recognize the picture on front of your card from my LV icons book! Congrats on your card!
  3. That's really nice of your SA!
  4. How thoughtful of Matthew!
  5. It is such a nice personal touch. I love your card. I received one as well and was so excited. I'm definitely going to keep it!
  6. He is soooo sweet, he sent me the nicest card after I purchased form him aswell - the only SA to ever send me a thank you note for buying LV...hope you are still enjoying your purchases!!
  7. That SA's a keeper for sure :smile:
  8. Congrats! It is nice when the SAs send 'thank you' cards to clients. 2 years ago I started dealing with this one SA in Boston, and I only go to him now. He sends me 'thank you' cards, opens bottles of champagne for me when I shop, I get to stay in the store after it closes to try on clothes, bags or whatever I wish.

    Keep shopping with him and you will be treated like a king! :yahoo:
  9. ^^Totally agree, thats how I get treated and I am not a big spender. I think its alot on how the CUSTOMER acts. I am glad you found someone to work with and recommend him to others.
  10. thats so nice of him :smile:
  11. LOL I knew you would! I'm glad that you have finally found THE SA to help you with all your LV purchases!
  12. it's great when an SA sends such a nice note!!
  13. :tup:
  14. Awesome and sweet. Watch out for those bday, christmas, holiday cards and such! They are evil! When my SA sends me one, I run to the store. Like I need any more reminders to buy something?!?! :greengrin:

    Congratulations on building a good relationship with your SA for sure.