I got a Campagna - so happy!

  1. Hi BV'ers, I decided to go for it today and got a Campagna! I ended up with the smaller one as it really does hold a LOT (and my chiropracter has been giving my bigger bags the evil eye :wtf: ) and I went with Ebano as the color . . . I had been leaning towards black but realized I have some black bags I really do like and this color is like nothing else I have. It is comfy, roomy, beautiful and I think I will have it forever. :heart: Thanks SO much to all who have posted about their bags because it really made me focus on what I was truly looking for.
  2. congrats macbagger! Ebano is just such a rich color :love: Pics when/if you can!! Can never see too many BVs:yes:
  3. Congrats! I would love to see pictures when you get a chance. :smile:

    I can't tell you how thankful I am that all these BV gals are here to help us out! They are literally life-savers!
  4. that's one great bag and the color you got is such a classic. Congrats and enjoy it.
  5. Super choice, macbagger--congrats!:yahoo: I'm glad the smaller Campana works for you; I'm just too large for it to be comfortable on my shoulder. The Ebano is a wonderful color. I wish I could see some of us out wearing our BV's--all I ever see around here are LV's--real and fakes.

  6. macbagger-don't you love how comfortable it is? I believe it's my most comfy bag I own. Congratulations!
  7. Congratulations macbagger! I'm sure you're going to treasure this bag for a long time. This is such a functional and beautiful bag. It's just classic.
  8. congratulations!! one of my favorite designs!!
  9. Congratulations:yahoo:
  10. Enjoy it! Lucky you.
  11. YAY!!! Please post a pic!
  12. Enjoy your bag, could we have some photos...?
  13. Congrats on ya Campana, macbagger!!

    Been seeing a manager carry hers around (in ebano too!), and it sure looks mighty pretty! :yes: