I got a call for the June PCE TODAY!

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  1. I just got a call today inviting me to the PCE event June 9th-17th. They said I should be expecting the card any day.

    Hmm...what to get? :graucho:
  2. congrats!
  3. WOO HOO!!!! I've got my list all ready. Why Saturday? Oh well. thanks!

    Anyone know when you can start pre-selling?
  4. Congrats! Let us know what you're thinking of getting... :graucho:
  5. Do you know if that is the actual event dates or if that is presale?
  6. Congrats! The SA told me yesterday the sale is the 9th-17th. I could have pre-ordered anything yesterday.
  7. Yay! I got a call just now too and I was told sale starts next Saturday and presale is Thurs & Fri.
  8. I was just up at the boutique but my SA wasn't there.

    I didn't see anything I wanted though. & didn't see anything in the Look Book.
  9. Congrats on your getting a PCE Card. You have deserved that Card and had it coming to you for so long
    for all your loyalty to the Coach Brand.
  10. Hello..I'm kinda new here. What is a PCE card. Do you know if they are going to have a similar sale at the coach store in Canada. I'm eyeing two coach bag and just waiting for them to go on sale...*keeping my fingers crossed*
  11. I am not sure about Canada...but, I am sure you could call and ask. Probably, they have the same sale.

    PCE invite is to come to the store for 25% off every 3 months. There is one this June from the 9th-17th. It's random who gets invited, but if you buy from the boutique you're more likely to get it.

    LizCordova- thank you for the comment. I've gotten it two PCE's in a row. Pretty good luck I guess :tup:
  12. The PCE event is from Saturday June 9 to Sunday June 17.

  13. Cool HA, can't wait to see what you get. You always have such nice pics.
  14. =X

    calls are not suppose to start yet.

    however, during the conference call, one of the SAs slipped and said their store already started calling so i guess some people are breaking the rules...

    the invites should be mailed shortly, those who have it already got it a bit early, but those who haven't gotten it yet don't worry, they should arrive soon, next week estimate.
  15. Got my card today as well...no calls yet. I am very happy since this is my first PCE ever.:balloon: It's hard making up my mind to decide what to get, since my favs from Spring are probably all sold out, but I am sure I will find something great in the store.