I got a call back - I have an interview!

  1. WooHoo, I got a call back after applying for a job at my Coach. This Saturday morning I go in for my interview! I am so nervous all of a sudden ... I have been away from Coach for a bit and they've changed so much so I better study huh? ;) Plus I haven't sold in years b/c of being home with kids, and I was very upfront about that on my app, so we'll see ... I put in for part-time, 3 days a week. The manager was there when I brought back my app and she seems so nice and upbeat. Any tips, suggestions, input, welcomed ... and thank you! I so want it to go well :sweatdrop:
  2. Congrats! I've been told that you should dress in the Coach uniform for the interview - black pants, white collared shirt, black cardigan/vest, close-toed shoes. Other than that, I would say just be professional and do your best! You'll do great!
  3. Wow that's great! Good luck!!
  4. That's awesome! I hope you get the job so you can earn some money while being surrounded by the things you love! :nuts:
  5. Guess I need to go shopping ... I have everything but the black vest. You think I should call to make sure about interview dress code? She didn't say anything about it but I did get a folder with the dress code in it along with everything else.
  6. Congrats! I'm sure you'll do great~ Three days a week sounds perfect, its enough to make some money, but not so much that you'll get burned out. Good luck!
  7. Just go in dress code (white Oxford shirt, black skirt or slacks, neatly pressed, black closed-toe shoes, and maybe a Coach scarf if you have one? Just for bonus points; you don't need a cardigan or a vest if you are wearing the white button-down shirt) and be friendly, outgoing and fun. Display your knowledge of the product and enthusiasm for the brand and you will be fine, Coach managers love knowledgeable applicants! Good luck and let us know how it goes!
  8. CONGRATS!!! You will do fine!!!!!
    I'm going to see if my nearest boutique needs any holiday help ;)
  9. congrats and good luck!!!~~~~:tup:
  10. Yup, this is how I went when I went back for my second interview, except I didn't wear a black cardigan/vest.

    Good luck with the interview! :tup:
  11. The interview is pretty relaxed...just be yourself and try not to be too nervous!

    I also agree with wearing the Coach uniform to the interview (or any other job, wear their dress code..it's just a good idea).
  12. YAY!!!!!! This is such GREAT news!!!!!!! I am sooooooooo excited for you...now I need the guts to go in and apply at MY boutique!!!! GOOD LUCK and let us know how it goes!!!!
  13. Uh ... SECOND interview? Oh geesh! Now I am way nervous.
  14. Congrats on the interview! I hope it all goes well.

    I went to a local store today to finally make my purchase and saw a girl asking for an application. I overheard her conversation with the Manager. The Manager was telling her that they are hiring a lot of people for the holiday season. She said they needed 15-20 girls! And that they were flexible with hours. Some girls only work 10-12 hours a week. That Coach location is the busiest one in Miami. After making my purchase I asked for an application. The Manager came out, gave me the application and asked me to turn it in as soon as possible. She said they would be doing group interviews and would like to get me in time for the possible Thursday interview. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to stay and fill out the application so I'm hoping I can get it back to her by tomorrow. It would be awesome to get a little part time there!

    I hope you get the job. Be sure to come back and let us know how it went.
  15. ahh good luck! working at coach is amazing, the company is so good to its employees. go to the interview in coach uniform (as everyone said) and carry a purse that is either coach, or a non-logo one of a different brand. just be upbeat and friendly, thats what their looking for!