i got a bunch of new ebay stuff tonight!

  1. well, new to me. lol. all from ebay:

    a silver pen, medium agenda with full brand new 2007 refills (which i am in LOVE with) and the black inclusion cell phone thing that i put on my bh. the inclusion has a little nick (which i knew about) but all in all i think it's all fabulous.

    here are pics if you want to see them:


    i am so excited! just had to share. hope it's ok.
  2. Pretty! Congrats! : )
  3. Wow... congrats!! :flowers:
  4. WOW! they all are gorgeous!
    Congrats and Enjoy!!!
  5. YAY!! Congrats!
  6. very nice, congrats!!!
  7. Congrats! Thanks for sharing...
  8. thanks everyone! i was so excited when i came home and all the packages were here.

    does anyone know- the agenda is new to me but not new and the cover comes back a little- it's not aligned perfectly with the bottom. is there a way to fix that or reshape it? i thought maybe putting books on either side of it... any ideas would be appreciated. thanks!
  9. Congrats...looks great!
  10. You got some great stuff! Enjoy! And thanks for sharing...:flowers:
  11. Welcome Heather & congrats. Watch out though. These ladies (and men) make you want to buy more LV!
  12. Congrats!! Enjoy your LV items!!! :yes:
  13. congrats and howdy from the ebay purse board! :smile:
  14. yes you! i didn't know you were here! :::waving frantically at noshoe:::

    i KNOW. trust me! i am out of control already! lol. i bought the black epi petit noe today :oh:
  15. i meant to say HI you! LOL. i have lost my mind!

    hi jen! i don't think i know your id on that board do i? forgive me for being a dumbbunny. and so sorry for the double thread- here and there. i was so excited!