I got a BEAUTIFUL custom made bag...*drools*

  1. I decided for University, I don't want to carry around a backpack or a messenger bag anymore...I want to carry something that's really unique but nothing expensive like LV (which I considered earlier) so I looked on eBay and searched for what I want...and one of the listings that came up really caught my eye!

    I checked the seller's store and she had TONS of beautiful totes for sale, all hand made! She's had her business for about 20 years, selling hair bows and scrunchies, and she sells her bags on eBay. Her feedback is 100% positive, and she's willing to do custom orders. We spent a day emailing each other, and I told her the purpose of my bag, and asked what she thought would be the best for me. She recommended the largest size she has, and she said she would reinforce the straps of my bag since I am going to carry heavy textbooks in there. I also didn't like the inside lining of the bag shown in the auction of the bag that I initially saw so I looked at some of her other bags and chose one inside lining that I liked.

    My bag was $95.00 plus $18.00 shipping to Canada...the tote bag is HUGE...almost 21" in width and 12" in height. The purse comes with brass feet so it can stand on its own, and for a bag that size and quality, that's a pretty decent price. She finished the bag today and sent me pics of the actual bag!! Isn't it pretty??? :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Here are my pics!
    custombag1.jpg custombag2.jpg custombag3.jpg
  2. Wow it looks like it has a built-in purseket!! That bag is too cute. I love it.
  3. Aww that's cute! :P So celebrity of you too - none of the bags already ON the market suit ya so you get it custom...very posh! :smile:
  4. oh what a cute bag....
  5. It's adorable! Instead of the usual drabby school bags/backpacks, this is soo cheerful and fun. Great price too for a custom made bag.
  6. Adorable!
  7. that's really cute and unique:heart:. Congrats:biggrin:
  8. Lovely bag, congrats!
  9. Cute and it looks functional too! Enjoy!
  10. what a fun bag!
  11. That is very cute indeed! What a fun bag!
  12. Very cute and fun!
  13. wayyy cute! love the color combo too!
  14. oh karmann thats adorable
    pinkie pink! wow cute !!!
  15. cooool...