I got a 2007 black city!!!!!! woohoo!!!!!!!!


Jun 28, 2006
omg you guys, I'm so excited I could die!! SO took me to balny today to look at cities for my Christmas gift. We saw sooo many cities.

The cafe is gorgeous--a true dark brown, did not seem reddish at all but vERY dark. So classic looking.

I liked the light green color! The leather was smooooshy and so nice on all. The vermillion is orangey red but very striking, and the grass green, Jem's bag color, was incredible.

But SO was buying and he liked the BLACK city with small hardware! He liked the marine color (we saw the brief) but he felt like it did not go with my black coat and thought it was a little bright. (silly boys).

Anyway he loved the black so Daphne brought out a few 2006 blacks and some 2007s--the 2007 leater is VERY different vERY smooth and sqooshy and pretty cool!!!

So SO bought the black one for me, OMG!!!

I'm really excited and will post pics tomorrow!!!!

Do you guys think this is a good bag? Would marine be more versatile?? There is a part of me that is thinkig...maybe we should have waited until the marine cities came in...and then part of me that thinks I own the perfect bag...and I just need the marine *also*

hehehe. Is this what happens????

Am I going to be addicted now????

:heart:I love it!

:smile: Thanks to all of you because without reading this forum Iwould not have fallen in love with these bags and wanted a 2007 city!!!

(also--Dapne is awesome!!!)
congrats! i cant wait to make my first trip to mecca :yes:

you made a good choice, it will be a very useful bag. You can save your pennies now and buy yourself a more adventurous color! You have a dark neutral, now go for something fun!

and yes....you will be addicted!

cant wait to see pics!
Congrats on your first BBag. Yes, you are now addicted and there is no cure. Except more bags. I sense that this will be the first of many. But your first love is always special.

oh you ladies are awesome! :smile: I feel so good about this bag!!!

I really think I need a first in a brigher color for going out. And I think I need the Cafe as well for the spring...hmm. :smile:)

Will get my camera from work tomorrow and post pics!

SO wants to know if he can box it back up....for Christmas! I told him I have to take pictures first!