I got 3 HUGE Orange Boxes!!!!! PICS INSIDE PG. 6!!!

  1. I am so excite, besides myself actually. This Christmas was suppose to be simple. With DH purchasing several H purses for me over the past several months (and me trying to save for another croc Birkin) I was'nt expecting much under the tree. This Christmas we concentrated on the boys (Ryan got a truck!) and Lance got a whole bunch of electronics! DH wanted some power tools and some stuff for all his motorcycles. Me....I just wanted a nice relaxing time with everyone in our family. The need...no desire...to have a peaceful and VERY uneventful day was all I dare ask for. So yes I was awaken by my usual brew of sludge I like to call coffee. Strong enough to melt away all the cranky unpleasantness of an insomniacs sleep. DH had to wake the boys since they decide to stay up late and didnt get to bed until midnight. But they know the rules....dont even think of opening presents until after 5am! So the groggy teens made there way to the livingroom to open the plethora of presents under the tree. But of course before that we all gave thanks for the blessings we recieved this wonderful year. The boys ripped open the packages. These two are also CLOTHING hogs! They love all those hooded sweat shirts and jackets teenagers wear nowadays. So as they tried on each and every one we made it clear that they had to go into there closet and TAKE OUT the ones we are replacing. We plan to go downtown and pass the jackets out to the homeless. It shows the boys when you recieve you must also give back...

    So after everyone else opened their present I made my way to the kitchen. My gifts were basic knick nacks which I do love! Snowglobes, scaves, large resins bracelets, new cream color wool jacket (think Andy on The Devil Wears Prada!), several pairs of boots (all leather Ugg riding boots, and Chloe!), sweaters, watch....but no sign of H??? OK I was fine with that. I mean I was'nt expecting it. So again I was making my way to the kitchen. The overly joyful children and powertool enabled husband were playing with their goodies in the livingroom. With my head stick in the fridge to see what I was going to make for breakfast I heard DH call out "Hey you miss one!". So I went into the livingroom expecting a box of perfume (I like that too!). But there is was a HUGE Orange box just sitting there under the tree! I ran like a derrange deer trying to make its way to safety. Jumping over the pile of wrapping paper and nearly falling on the dogs I grabbed the box and through the top open.....SCORE!!!!!:yahoo: I ran to DH and planted a "I will gift you later" smooch right on the kisser. So I got up to play with my new "BABY" and then Ryan comes out with another HUGE Orange box!!! SCORE AGAIN!!!! Kissed my big guy on the cheek! I am CRYING by this time. Then out of the corner Lance comes out with another HUGE Orange box!!!! I'm sobbing with tears running down my face in serious need of a napkin. How perfect was this? How thoughtful was it for them to do this? I was'nt expecting it. Actually I had felt like such a bag hog lately I was'nt asking for anything else. But they did it...3 new babies!!! I'll give you several HINTS on what I got:

    1- I sold one just like it
    2- I have a color just like it but a smaller size
    3- It gets mixed up with "Brighton Blue" ...MrsS you know what I'm talking about!!!
    4- they are all 35cm!

    So any guesses?

    I'll post pics when we get back from holiday. We are going up to visit family and will be back after New Years. So my TPF sisters & brothers....what do you think I got?
  2. AHHHHHH!!! Do we have to wait till you get back?! Can you cut our misery by posting sneak peeks now? Please!!!!

    1 - It's a blue jean birkin!
    3 - You got a bird!?!

    What's the 2nd one?!
  3. This is so nice. Thank you for the story. I am very happy for you. :yes: BUT Will you let us wait that long?
  4. NOW!!! NOW!!!! I need to know NOW!!!!!

    Great story! What a wonderful, wonderful family! By the way, you deserve every one! congrats!!!
  5. Oh, you're such a tease... Lol, what a wonderful surprise. Congrats and merry christmas!
  6. Sounds you had a reeeaaally nice Christmas! Can't wait to see pics.
  7. Regardless of what bags you got, it is the way you got them that will make them forever special. Congrats. We're going to need another family shot soon!
  8. :popcorn: pics!!!!
  9. Congrats! I'd roll over and die if my husband ever bought me an Hermes Orange empty box. I buy and he pays but it's soooo much nicer your way. Of course I'm married 47 years, please no comments!
    Merry Christmas!
  10. SP - do we have to wait that long??? ugh!

    merry christmas to you and your family!
  11. I am loving all of the Christmas morning stories! I can't wait to see these fabulous new Christmas babies!
  12. Can't wait to see the pics!!!
  13. :tup:simplyprincess, triple congratulations to you! :flowers:Thank you for you story. It was like I was watching a trailer with a narrator's voice behind:popcorn:.
    Now let me ask you a question: "How come a woman this happy can be so cruel to others?!"
    :coolpics: - WHERE ARE THEY/HOW LONG? Some like it fast too, you know ;)
  14. What a wonderful story! How great! Can't wait to see pics!
  15. This is great, I cannot wait to see the pics