I Got 2 Style Questions please.

  1. I have a gold and burgundy low v-neck sweater/tunic- its not to fitted but it hangs well.
    I found some metallic gold and silver leggings at Loehmans last night I got them for just under10 a piece( I had coupons)- romeo and Juliet- brand. They are cropped and I think they are adorable.. I would wear knee boots with them- a neutral color though.
    I want to wear the gold with this sweater and the silver I am working on some things..
    My question is are Leggings in this season and are the metallic gold and silver colors in style as well ?

    Also I got a silver leather motorcycle jacket that I have had for AGES – meaning at least 15 years- I wore it a few times when I got it because I loved it then, but could not bare to part with it- I wore silver High Heel clogs with it at the time- lol..
    ( guess what- I still have those too !!! lol- talk about pack rat-geez)
    The jacket is cropped and its not to busy.. Is this an item I can wear in 2007/08? Would I look off the wall ?
    It is a really bright loud silver too. I need some advice from my fellow TPF fashinista’s..
    I will post a picture when I get home- This thought just popped in my mind while at work- as a lot of things do.

    I also found a pair if MUI MUI patent leather carmel ankle boots in my closet- that I bought 1998 or so..
    patent and ankle boots are back in... lol
  2. metallics are IN!

    Wear them!
    I'm a pack-rat myself and kept clothes from college years!