I got 2 beautiful items from LV last night (pics)

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  1. Dear all,
    I am so happy and I want to share with you all. I finally went to LV last night and got myself 2 beatiful items. Some of you might remember I previously purchased a Mono Speedy 25 and took it back and got a credit note. It took me a little while to decide what I really wanted. Well here it is I have attached some pics of the two beautiful items. I am planning to upload these pictures on the Visual Aid & Clubhouse also. I am so happy I can share these photos with you all.

    The 1st item is the Mono Beverly MM (she still has the plastic around the handle and the plastic on the buckle):

    Attached Files:

  2. And here is the Mono Mini Pochette:

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  3. VERY CUTE!CONGRATS !!!Both are adorable!
  4. Now that I returned the Speedy 25 and I want her back. THe SA showed me the Mono Speedy 30 and I fell in love with her. I also feel in love with the Deauville. Well both of these are on my wish list.:yahoo:
  5. Ahhh congrats! The Beverly MM is too cute
  6. Very nice bags, congrats!
  7. Very nice! I just bought the mono mini myself....so cute!!!
  8. Congrats!!!!!!!
  9. Great bags, beverly is so elegant.
  10. I didn't think much of the Mini Pochette since I already got the Mono Pochette Accessories. But I couldn't my eyes when I saw her last night. She is so adorable and cute and very practical too. DH and I went to dinner last night and I couldn't wait to use her, I couldn't believe how much fitted in the mini pochette. Phone, eyes, lipgloss, and my mono cles and still room left. I love it!
  11. Congrats- the Beverly is a beauty!
  12. Very nice!
  13. congrats!
  14. nice stuff!
  15. Congrats ! :yes: Great purcahses !