I got $1500 US to spend on LV only...

  1. Okay, got my gift card ( that thread got moved ) I wanted the Tivoli pm but that bag is sold out everywhere and I need to go on the list...any other suggestions from my fellow addicts??? If I need to make a list of my meager belongings I will do so...but I would really appreciate some suggestions!


  2. perhaps something epi? i am always drooling over the passy...

    are you a strictly mono girl only or open to other lines?
  3. i would go with epi aswell . i lovee the colors !
  4. I love the epi bags...
  5. I'm partial to epi too.
  6. I say wait for the bag you love, I do love the epi but I don't like the way it looks after it begins to peel and it bugs me that for the amount u pay that it even does peel.
  7. I agree that you should wait till you see something you absolutely adore. You'll know as soon as you see it!! Theres so many great bags out there and more coming soon for S/S. Have fun deciding!!
  8. How about a Neo Cabby?
  9. ^ Yes. I agree. Wait till you see something that you fall in love with
  10. Wait for the Tivoli - It won't take long. Maybe get a beautiful wallet and a cles to go with it.

    I personally don't care for Epi, but that's just me. To me, they just don't have a "spark."
  11. How about damier? I love it's classic look. Hampstead PM is really cute and you'll have money left over for other goodies :smile: or you could wait for the new items to come out, I find the hunt and the wait to be the best part of bag buying.. :smile:
  12. I suggest anything Epi or Damier.. What about a Trevi??? It's really a HOTTTTT bag!!! :tup:
  13. Wait for the Tivoli!!!
  14. I'd wait for the Tivoli if it is the "one" for you.
  15. Wait for the Tivoli!!! You will regret it in the long run if you don't wait.