I got 13 percent DETAX from Hermes Bill (not 10 percent)

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  1. hi
    a family member came back with my hermes back from milan
    got 735 euro (13 percent of 5650 euro)

    isnt that great?
    tot hermes detax was standard @ 10 percent?

    my family member said that he got 735 euro.....well more money, didnt ask more questions;)

    i cant wait to receive my bag...tuesday reveal:smile:
  2. with my other birkin straight from paris.. orange 35 togo

    The bag was 5650 euro minus 10 percent ONLY from the store
    5085 Euro Plus 195 Shipping

    this Rgarrance comes to:
    5650- 735 euro
    4950 euro!:smile: what a great deal!
  3. makes it even better!
  4. wow...congrats, that's even a better deal....can't wait to see ur new reveals!!~
  5. Yup, it's true! Italy gives more back on the VAT. They actually gave me equivalent to 14% back on my new 30 birkin! :yahoo: France for some reason is only 10%.
  6. It should all depend on the VAT of the different countries and what VAT refund company they use.
  7. :yes: It is only in France that Hermes does their own de-taxe, with a flat rate of 10%. Elsewhere in Europe, they use Global, which refunds a higher percentage. It is important to make this distinction so no one goes around complaining they get only 10% back from France!

  8. Must take mental note of this when planning my holiday:smile:
  9. Wow~ good to know!! Congrats on your new birkin!! can't wait to see your new RG baby!!
  10. Wow, this is good to know~~ Congrats to you!! Are we going to see a double reveal?? RG +Orange??? double the fun!! yeah~~~
  11. It also depends on whether the company in question ships to you or you bring it in yourself. If Hermes ship direct to you then they will charge you no tax at all whereas personal importation has to be done by a third party who take their cut
  12. If FSH ships directly out of the EU, they give a deduction of only 10% on the retail price (which is inclusive of VAT) – this is no different from the detaxe amount if one were to physically take the goods out of the EU through EU customs. You do not get the entire VAT amount deducted.

    Practices may differ in other EU Hermes boutiques.
  13. I didn't know that, it must be different in the UK because if a non-EU buyer shops at say Net-A-Porter they deduct the whole 15% VAT but if you shopped here then you get back only about 11% when you give in your VAT form at the airport
  14. Man, I knew I should have paid more attention in math class.

    Congrats ilovecocohanel. Looking forward to your next reveal for sure.
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    such a deal...conversion:

    6,904.23 USD at current exchange rate! At our local H, regular 35 Birkin in Togo is (was?) 8950 USD...I am scratching my head...(@#*@&$(%$^!$$...huh?)..."oooo Lucy...you have some esplaining to do!"