I going to color my hair brown...need help!

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  1. So I am going to be coloring my hair brown....and I need to take a picture in so I can show my colorist.

    So I need some help! Can eveyone help me find some really pretty pics of either celebrities or just pics of really nice brown color hair??!!!!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I am getting my hair colored brown tomorrow from slightly over processed blonde. I'm bringing a pic of myself with brown hair and a few hilites and I'm bringing a few pics of Victoria Beckham's color now. you could try looking through the beckhams thread, but in case you don't like lighter hilited browns like VB, what shade were you thinking?
  3. thanks...im going to check that out!

    ive also been looking at rachel bilson's color too
  4. I like Rachel Bilson's newest color alot. It has 2 or 3 shade of light brown, caramel brown, and a darker brown, very well done color.
  5. I'd maybe take some photos of what you like, but I'd give your colorist the green light to do what will match your skin tone best, but still get the overall look you want, KWIM? But, a color w/ some highlights would be nice this time of year, b/c we are moving into warmer weather.
  6. yeah her color is always so nice!!!

    yeah i definatly will have some hilites! my hair is just way to light and id rather go back to my natural color or a shade darker (like rachel bilson) with some hilties..then its easier to maintain too!