I give up!

  1. The last ounce of hope I had of owning a Birkin has evaporated. I've been fighting to keep the hope alive, but its dried out. I just feel its hopeless. That gold Birkin will never come to me. I've waited and waited. That long awaited phone call never happens.

    A part of me feels so guilty putting so much time and energy into wanting, wishing & dreaming of that Birkin. I should just give up now, and stop torturing myself.

    Sorry if this thread comes across as a downer. I just needed to type it and read it so that it will sink in and hopefully I can get that gold Birkin out of my head.
  2. Don't give up. Visit your store; visit other stores. (trusted reseller?) It will come.:yes:
  3. Sorry that you're disappointed right now. But seriously, how long have you been waiting? Do you have a SA/store near home? What have you been doing when you said time and effort?

    There are reputable eBay resellers, and your birkin can be had just like that.
  4. *wave* asa!
  5. I'm so sorry you feel that way..
    It's true it's not an easy bag to obtain...but it's not impossible if you are patient.
    If you really want one, I'm sure you can have one.
    You wrote you spent a lot of energy...may I ask you how ?
    Maybe we can help you...to succeed ???
  6. I'm sending positive energy your way, because I'm living proof that if you dream about something and have enough positive thoughts, something good will come your way and even if it isn't expected...you will be rewarded!!!!
  7. Oh, I'm sure it will happen. As long as they're out there you can get one somehow. If it's something you truly want, please continue to be positive and visualize yourself having it & feeling happy.

    You might be attached to obtaining it in a certain way (this happened to me when I was single but wanting to get married).

    Try to focus on the bag and the enjoyment you'll have from it and be open to different routes to it.:flowers:
  8. Some resellers are selling gold Birkins at fairly reasonable prices. Have you thought of going that route?
  9. Never give up your hopes no matter what :nogood:. I know it's not easy for I myself is very impatient:yes:. Look what a great finds our
    ladies show up with on a regular basis. I'm kind of in a dark as to
    how they do their WWsearch high and low but look at the results! Their stunning-stunning acquisitions that seem impossible to find. Keep on looking and don't get upset. It will come :yes:. Where else would it go?
    Try the respectful resellers, spread a word.
    Or, may be it's like with the babies: once you adopt one, another one will show up. Get another bag you like and I'm sure your Gold will be the next.
    Best of luck! And don't forget your Christmas wish.:heart:
  10. Pursue Pursue Pursue that purse...Ms. Purse-o-holic! [what's in a name!!]Don't give up as I think you are closer than you think...these ladies will guide you...they are amazing...the hunt is the fun of it and landing one is the trophy! Keep your eyes on the prize...ladies give her a hand!!!
  11. As the other ladies have said, don't give up. Gold is a popular color, but for that reason I think the stores order more of them. You will find one.
  12. Purse-o-holic, Never give up on your dreams. :smile: It'll probably take me a very long time to acquire my Bolide, but it will happen. Same with your Birkin. :smile: Give it time, but never give up hope. :smile:
  13. Oh Sweetie! You Can't Give Up....I Know It Feels That Way Sometimes. I Think It's Time For A Reseller......You Are Going To Own That Birkin!!!!:heart:
  14. Oh please don't give up- good things do come to those that wait. Maybe we can help by being your eyes and ears if we hear of anything?

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you.:heart:
  15. what store is your "home" base store? do you have a good relationship with a SA? Have you bought other things from them? these are all important considerations in deciding whether or not you will get one at Hermes or whether you should look for a reseller